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Lunch Taco Bar at Chartwells UPEI for $4.99 [Remind Me]

Supper Martini Mondays at The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse for $5.00 [Remind Me]

All Day Special Monday Lunch Special at Beanz Espresso Bar for $9.80 [Remind Me]

All Day Special Jaeuck(Pork & Rice) at Seoul Food Restaurant(Cafe) for $9.87 [Remind Me]

All Day Special Hot Hamburger at Brits Fish and Chips for $9.95 [Remind Me]

All Day Special Chicken bokkeum at Seoul Food Restaurant(Cafe) for $10.98 [Remind Me]

All Day Special Dolsot Bibimbap at Seoul Food Restaurant(Cafe) for $11.98 [Remind Me]

All Day Special GamJa-tang(Pork bone on the soup) at Seoul Food Restaurant(Cafe) for $12.89 [Remind Me]

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Demonstrators gather at Confederation Bridge to back Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs
Flooding forces woman, 2 children to evacuate Summerside home
CN Rail lays off staff as pipeline protests limit deliveries to Maritimes
Why this man's passion is brainy board games
Women of colour gather to discuss identity, isolation and resiliency on P.E.I.
What's open and closed on Islander Day
Terminally ill P.E.I. actor Bill McFadden reflects on his life and his faith
Taking a trip? Your top travel tips
Province removing model fishing village by Wood Islands Lighthouse
Demonstrators gather in Charlottetown in solidarity with Wet'suwet'enhereditary chiefs
Fun With John
Fun With John - PEI/NS/NB/Quebec Adventure Vlogger - Canadian
PEI/NB/NS Vlogger
PEI/NB/NS Vlogger
PEI/NB/NS Vlogger
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Retirement contribution limits will rise in 2019
Good news retirement savers: The Internal Revenue Service announced cost of living increases to the contribution limits for retirement-related plans in 2019.