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Montague (2006 pop. 1,995) is a Canadian town and the largest population centre in Kings County, Prince Edward Island.

The town straddles the Montague River which is the dividing line between the townships of Lot 52 and Lot 59. The town functions as a regional service centre for a rural population of 20,000. The town supports two large supermarkets, two hardware stores, a number of independent businesses, and several fast food restaurants, banks, and car dealerships.

The town is home to the Kings County Memorial Hospital, Iceland Arena, the Montague Curling Club, along with elementary, intermediate and regional high schools. The past years have seen a number of older homes and commercial buildings replaced with new, suburban style development along Main Street, particularly in the north end. A large scale redevelopment of the town's waterfront has taken place in recent years.

Located 44 km east of Charlottetown and 15 km southwest of Georgetown.

Construction of a new temporary bridge began in May 2007 and was finished in June 2007. Construction of a new permanent bridge began in July 2007, with plans to keep the original bridge intact to store machinery on. When the permanent bridge is complete, it is unsure what will happen to the temporary bridge as many people want it left standing for a walking bridge over the Montague river.

The town of Montague celebrates its birthday the first week after Canada day every year with a annual tradition called Montague days, with activities including rides, busters, soap box derby, a Miss Montague contest and a parade (missed in 2007 due to construction of the bridge). It also has music acts on the waterfront and ends with a birthday cake on the waterfront on that Sunday, followed by fireworks to end the week.

At the time of Samuel Holland's survey in the 1760s, Georgetown was designated as the shire town of Kings County. The Montague River was the southernmost of three rivers draining the area. Eventually Lower Montague and the Montague Road and Montague Bridge were named after the river. The river itself traces its name to either George Brudenell, 4th Earl of Cardigan (later George Montagu, 1st Duke of Montagu), John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, or Montague Wilmot, Governor of Nova Scotia (which then included St. John's Island - present-day Prince Edward Island) at the time of Holland's survey.

Montague Map