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Tyne Valley
Tyne Valley (2006 population: 226) is a Canadian village in Prince County, Prince Edward Island.

Incorporated in 1966, the community is located in the township of Lot 13 at the intersection of Routes 12 and 167.

Agriculture is an important economic activity in and around Tyne Valley. The area has approximately 1.8% of the total number of farms in PEI and represents approximately 1.6% of the total provincial area. Total gross farm receipts in the area were about 1.7% of the provincial total.

Municipal Tax Rates for Tyne Valley in 1998 are $0.45 per $100 of assessment for commercial properties and $0.35 for non-commercial properties. The annual sewer rates are $60.00..

Tyne Valley has a higher than average proportion of people aged 15-24 and of people aged 65 and over, approximately 8% higher in each of these two categories.

All residents of Tyne Valley indicated in the 1996 Census that their mother tongue was English. 9% of the population know both English and French.

Many residents of Tyne Valley have ancestry from the British Isles. 68% of the population has some Scottish ancestry. 59% have some English, and 25% have some Irish heritage. 55% indicated Canadian origins.

Of Tyne Valley’s working age population, 15 years of age and older, 57% have less than Grade 12 education and 43% possess a high school diploma or higher. 6% of the working age population have obtained a university degree. Compared to the province as a whole, Tyne Valley residents have lower levels of education. Provincially, 41% have less than Grade 12 education.

There are two churches in Tyne Valley, United and Presbyterian. Adjacent Ellerslie has an Anglican church.

Tyne Valley Map